This four week class is designed to prepare expecting parents for the arrival of their newborn. Lectures are provided by an expert team consisting of Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sleep Specialists, and Lactation Consultants.


Week 1

Labor and Delivery with Geeta Sharma, M.D. 

Week 2

Your Baby's First Exam & Introduction to Breast Feeding with Melissa Goldstein, M.D. & Rosanna Terrero-Arnoux, RN, IBCLC

Week 3

Attachment, Bonding & Neurodevelopmental Milestones, Michelle Kornbleuth & Postpartum Health, Rachel Becker, M.D.

Week 4

Infant CPR, Melissa Goldstein, M.D. & Healthy Sleep Habits, Natalie Barnett, Ph.D.